Standalone Git Browser

Git web interface with powerful search and detailed changes info.

  • Search the repo for commit, file, and tracker issues with multiple criteria.
  • Search semantic history of source code.
  • Windows, Mac or Linux self-hosted.
  • JIRA and Redmine support.

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All mentioned GitHub features are included in CodeHistory (in addition to extended).
GitHub web interface CodeHistory
  • Commit Subject
  • Commit Hash
+ Commit date range
   + sort asc/desc
+ Commit author
+ Branch to search (or all branches)
+ File name
   + filter by added, changed, deleted
+ Class (struct, enum, interface, …)
   + filter by added, changed, deleted
+ Method (member variable, property, event, …)
   + filter by added, changed, deleted
+ Combine multiple conditions
  • File changes history
+ Code source changes history
   + class (struct, enum, interface, …) changes history
   + method (member variable, property, …) changes history
+ Last changed classes (structs, enums, …) sorted by change date
   + quick member diffs
  • Subject
  • Author
  • Date
  • Hash
+ Number of added/changed/deleted/moved:
   + files
   + lines
   + classes (structs, enums, …)
   + methods (member variables, properties, …)
  • Issue key extraction
+ Group commits by issuess
+ JIRA and Redmine support: preview statuses, types, reporter, assignee, time logged
+ Issue summary - number of added/changed/deleted:
   + files
   + lines
   + classes (structs, enums, …)
   + methods (member variables, properties, …)
+ Code changes within the issue grouped be classes.
+ Last changed issues sorted by code sources changes.
  • Contributions
    all time
    • commits
    • lines added, deleted
+ Contributors
   custom date range
   + class (struct, enum, interface, …)
   + methods (member variables, properties, …)
   + issues (created/assigned)
   + lines changes (in addition to added, deleted)
   + total impact score based on customizable weights for each factor
+ Developers domain expertise based on the source changes history
   + all time / for a specific period of time
+ Find issues with the same source changed

History of changes

History of changes in:

  • classes, enums, interfaces, etc.
  • and their elements (methods, fields, ...)

Full history of each code element with detailed information and viewing diffs in each separate branch.

Powerful search

Powerful Git history search by classes, as well as their members, with the ability to filter changes by type - add, change or delete.

Search by multiple conditions:

  • classes and their members change type
  • branches
  • authors
  • and more...

Track moving and renaming.


Timeline of the history of changes in code elements for the specified period and with the selected type of change (added, changed, deleted, moved).

Instant diff viewing directly in the timeline.

Available for:

  • classes, enums, interfaces, structs, etc.
  • methods, fields, properties, event, etc.


Pie chart reports by classes in terms of issues and authors.

  • What classes have changed in the last week, month, year?
  • How and within what issues?
  • In what proportions?

Pie chart reports by classes in terms of issues and authors allow you to understand the dynamics and composition of code changes.

Project Impact

Flexible report on project members impact over a period of time:

  • by commits
  • code changes
  • files
  • file lines
  • created / assigned issues

- with the ability to determine the weight of each individual factor.

Each individual factor can have a different meaning for the project, this report gives the opportunity to flexibly adjust the importance of each of them.

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CodeHistory works as a self-hosted server, without the need to move the code outside your organization.

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